View Payroll Reports

View Payroll Reports-1

This is the main page for viewing payrolls that have previously been entered.

3.1 All Tab

The All tab lists a single row for each individual payroll that was submitted for this policy.

There are two actions that can be done on this page – Edit or Delete. Only one action is available at a time and you can only perform either action on the most recent payroll.

edit-icon Edit is only displayed if the ACH for that payroll was already processed. If edit is available, a pop up screen will appear when you click the pencil as follows:

View Payroll Reports-2

You can either enter a New Payroll or Submit a Zero Payroll.

trash If you want to delete the most current payroll, a pop up will confirm that is really what you intended to do:

View Payroll Reports-3

Click Yes/No to continue.

View Payroll Reports-4

This screen brings up the option to Print a page of this detailed information.

This screen also brings up the option to View the detail of the corresponding payroll by employee, check date and breaks down the total payroll by pay type level.

View Payroll Reports-5

3.2 By Schedule Tab

The By Schedule page is a view of payrolls summarized by status and status date. This page is View Only.

View Payroll Reports-6