View Messages

(Available to Admin Users Only)
The messages page is where you can view any notifications that have been sent out. There will be a list of the notifications by Subject and Type (email or text) and when they were sent by date.

View Messages-1

If you click on the Subject, the actual email or text will open up so you can see who the message was sent to and what it said.

View Messages-2

There is also a Filter that will appear on the screen (only when there are messages to view listed on the screen), that can be used to sort by age (Week, Month, Quarter or Year) as follows:

View Messages-3

In addition, you can locate a message by typing in some of the text of the Subject on the search line and then clicking the Search button.

View Messages-4

There is also the capability to select how many messages you would like to appear on the screen using the drop down at the bottom of the page; it will default to 10 items per page.

View Messages-5