Manage Seasonal Shutdown

(Available to Admin Users Only)
This navigation tab is optional and is a selection made by the Insurance Company. If it does not appear on your Navigational Menu, it is because your Insurance Company did not select this option for use on their menu.

On this page, you can enter the beginning date, ending date and reason for each seasonal shutdown period. Please note that zero payrolls will automatically be generated for you during the shutdown periods.

You click on Add Seasonal Dates.

Manage Seasonal Shutdown -1

And a pop up window opens for you to begin entering the Seasonal Shutdown information:

Manage Seasonal Shutdown -2

When you click on the Start Date field, a calendar appears for easy selection of the beginning date:

Manage Seasonal Shutdown -3

And similarly, the same thing occurs when you click on the End Date field:

Manage Seasonal Shutdown -4

Be sure to enter reason for the shutdown (you have 500 characters to describe the shutdown)

Manage Seasonal Shutdown -5

You can also delete any of the Seasonal Shutdowns that you have entered by clicking on the trash can to the right of the shutdown that you would like remove:

Manage Seasonal Shutdown -6

Once you click the trash can, the system will confirm that you really want to delete this item:

Manage Seasonal Shutdown -7

Click Yes or No to proceed.