Manage Notifications

(Available to Admin Users Only)
This page is used to view all the notifications that are available. You can set up specific people to receive notifications and then assign which notifications you would like them to receive on this page.

Manage Notifications-1

6.1 Recipients

(Available to Admin Users Only)
On the Recipients tab, you can manage all of the available people who can receive notifications. There is a button at the bottom of the page for you to click to add more recipients who you want to receive notifications.

Manage Notifications-2

Add the new recipient’s name, email address for notifications by email, contact phone number and/or mobile phone number for notifications by text and save.


Once you have entered new recipients, be sure to go to the Notifications page and add these recipients to the Notifications that you wish them to receive.

You can also edit a recipient’s information by clicking on the pencil, or delete the recipient by clicking the trash can, next to one of the existing recipient’s information.

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6.2 Notifications

(Available to Admin Users Only)
On the Notifications tab, you can see all the available notifications and the people who are receiving these notifications.

information-icon When reviewing the Notifications, you can click on the information icon next to any of the titles of the notifications to get a brief description of the note that will be sent out as follows:

Manage Notifications-6

If you click the plus sign under the Actions, you can add a person to receive this notification. A pop up box opens for you to select a recipient from a drop down of the users that you previously entered on the Recipients tab:

Manage Notifications-7
Manage Notifications-8

You enter the person and whether to send an email or text or both, then select Save.

edit-icon If you click on the pencil under the Actions, you can edit any of the people currently receiving a particular notification. For example, below, Demo Policy Holder 04 is only receiving a notification by email but say he would like to be notified by text as well, you can click the pencil and edit this information here.

Manage Notifications-9

Click the Text button on

Manage Notifications-10

and then Save.

If you select the trash can under the Actions, you can delete a notification so that individual person will no longer receive that notification. A verification box pops up to be sure that is what you intended to do as follows:

Manage Notifications-11

Or you can add a recipient to multiple Notifications at one time as follows.  Click the button Add Recipient To Multiple Notifications:


And then click on the drop down menu to Select the Recipient that you would like to assign to multiple notifications:


Once you have selected the recipient, the email and mobile number (if available) will populate and you can begin selecting the notifications that you want the recipient to receive.

If you click Email or Text at the top of the column, all notification boxes below will be checked.  If there is no mobile number available, Test option will not be clickable.  If the carrier does not allow Text messages to be sent, the Text option will not be shown.


Once you have finished selected the notifications, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Save.


You will receive a message that states your updates were successful.  You will then be able to see the recipient that you added to the notifications on the Notifications tab: