This is an overview of your InsurePay account and some important actions that must be completed before your payrolls can be processed successfully.


1.1 Notices

This section includes notices from your carrier or notices concerning the system. You can click on each notice to see what each one says.


For example, this notice welcomes you to the InsurePay Portal:


1.2 Pending Actions

This section includes actions that must be completed before payroll can be processed successfully. You can click on each action to complete.


1.3 Policies

This section contains a list of your most current five policies. A full list of your policies is available when you click the link to obtain them.


If you hover over the blue Policies title, you will see that this is actually a link.  An informational pop up box shows you that you can “View more policies” if you click this link.


Once you click on the Policies link, if you have additional policies available, you will see the full list of your policy history in a new window.  You can return to the Dashboard by clicking the back arrow at the top of the window.


1.4 Payrolls

This section includes your five most recent payrolls. You can click on a policy row to see details of that policy such as the Class Codes, Class Code Descriptions, Estimated Payrolls, Base Rates, Base Premium, Net Rates, Net Rate Premiums and Additions/ Credits and is view only.