Billing History

This page shows the billing history based on process date, reference ID and policy number:

Billing History-1

This view shows the status of each bill; the Successful column shows whether or not the payment cleared (Yes/No). The Status column indicates ‘CLEARED’ if the payment was successful and ‘PENDING’ if the payment was not successful.

If you click on one of the Reference IDs, a billing statement will open for you to review:

Billing History-2

This report may be sorted by ‘Processed Date’, ‘Reference’ ID or ‘Successful’ response simply by clicking on the up or down arrow that appears next to the column when you hover your cursor next to one of these columns.

Billing History-3

There is also the capability to select the number of line items you would like to appear on the screen using the drop down at the bottom of the page; it will default to 10 items per page; other selections include 20 or 30 items per page as shown below.

Billing History-4