Admin Menu

Click on the gear to enter the Admin Menu. The three options available on this menu include:


1. Company Info – Company Contact information may be updated here
2. Manage Users – Several maintenance actions can be performed under this menu including setting up new users, editing existing users, locking or unlocking users, resetting passwords or deleting users
3. Define PayTypes – this menu allows you to customize your Enter Payroll screen by selecting the Pay Types that will appear there

13.1 Company Info

(Update capability available to Admin Users Only; View Access is available to non-admin users)


You can edit the Contact Information for the company and/or the Business Type by clicking on the Edit button at the bottom of the screen.


Click Save.

13.2 Manage Users

(Available to Admin Users Only; Menu Item will be hidden to non-admin users)

You can add new users or manage existing users on this menu.

You can add new users that would be able to enter payrolls by clicking the ‘Add New’ button on the Manage Users screen.


A new pop up will open for you to enter the information.


Click Save.

If you would like to edit an existing user, you can highlight the user row:


And then click on that line to open a new window


Click Save.

lock You can lock the user(s) so they are unable to process any transactions
lock-open You can unlock any locked user(s) so they are able to continue processing transactions
arrows You can reset passwords
trash-can You can delete users if you have Admin permission

13.3 Define PayTypes

If you click on Define PayTypes, you select the pay types for which you will be entering payroll from the left-hand column and place them in the righthand column. These pay types will appear on your Enter Payroll screen.


You move the PayTypes by clicking on the one you want to move in the left-hand column, which will highlight the Add button.


Then you click the Add button and the PayType you selected will move to the righthand column and will show up on your Enter Payroll screen; or you can simply double click the PayType while it is located in the left-hand column and it will appear in the righthand column.


Similarly, if you want to remove a PayType from your Enter Payroll screen, you select a PayType in the righthand column and the Remove button will become highlighted.


Then you click Remove and that PayType will be moved back over to the left-hand column and will no longer appear on your Enter Payroll screen; or you can simply double click the PayType while it is located in the righthand column and it will appear in the left-hand column.